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Launching my website online

How to install my website?

You've created your website locally on your computer and you'd like to publish it in the Web. You need to copy it to our servers via FTP (File Transfer Protocol). This kind of data transmission is done by software called FTP client.

What is FTP software?

FTP applications called FTP client, this is an interface enabling files transfer via FTP. These interfaces are available for all Operating systems (Windows, Mac, Linux).

How to connect?

To send your website to our servers via FTP, you need to use FTP login and password which you've received from us in the email concerning your service activation.

Example for 720Plan:

In order to install your website on the serve, you need to connect with your FTP account:
(Note: Data should be placed in WWW folder.)
FTP Server: 720Plan.ovh.net (or ftp.yourdomain.com)
Login: your_login_ftp
Password: yourpassword

Folder (optionally): WWW

You've logged into your FTP account. Now, you may see all your FTP content and folders. You need to double-click WWW folder and transfer your data there. Don't forget to change the name of your website to index.html and remove the previous file index.html provided by OVH.

There is a multiplicity of FTP clients, that is why we are unable to describe the details of their working. Usually, they have two windows, one representing your local computer, the other - your FTP account. It's usually sufficient to draw the files to the other window to transfer them, or click "Send" button.